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Quality Used Bikes, Ready to Ride

If you want a bike for commuting, mountain biking, triathlon, Seattle To Portland (STP), Centennial Trail biking with the kids – whatever your reason to ride, we have a wide variety of refurbished used bicycles.

Some of our bikes ready for sale are posted on our Facebook shop and some are on Craigslist.

We always have plenty of quality bikes in a variety of styles and sizes: from Bridgestone, Cannondale, Giant, Rocky Mountain, Miyata, Diamondback, and all the rest.

Contact the shop for details. The bikes above may be sold, but we always have a wide selection of quality used bikes for sale.

Low-Cost Bike Sales & Repairs

big selection of bikes for saleBike sales and repairs are the main source of income for Sharing Wheels. Sharing Wheels also has used parts and some new parts for sale.

Donated bikes are fixed and refurbished, with new parts added as needed for safety and function. Our used bikes range from low quality ride-around-town bikes for $50 to higher-end bikes costing $150 to $300.

You’ll get more for your money at Sharing Wheels than if you buy a new bike or a used bike that hasn’t been refurbished by trained staff and volunteers.

Bicycle Donations

Donations of used bikes in good condition are taken whenever the shop is open. Adult bikes are fixed and sold to keep the shop running.When you get a new bike, donate your old one to Sharing Wheels!

  • We ask for a $5 cash donation with each bike to help defray our costs of repairs.
  • We do not buy or trade bicycles
  • We do not accept all bikes. Some bikes are too rusty or broken to fix.  We may advise you to take it to the dump instead – they can recycle your bike, tires and all..

Sharing Wheels is a non-profit organization. The fair market value of bike donations is tax deductible. We are happy to provide a receipt for your donation.

Used Bike Parts

Shimano 600 derailleur

Old Shimano and Suntour parts.

Do you have an older bike and want parts to match? Are you creating your own fixed gear, “Franken-bike'” or chopper tricycle? Sharing Wheels has hundreds of used parts of various qualities and conditions – some like badges WEB 018

We have frames, wheels, cranks, derailleurs, brake parts and bolts galore. We also have accessories such as fenders, bike bags, bike racks, and car racks. We even get trail-a-bikes for kids sometimes.

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