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Community Bike Shop

The tools and bike stands at Sharing Wheels are available for anyone to use during shop hours.

Come fix your own flat, adjust your gears, buy some new brake pads and install them. You can often get help and guidance to fix your own bike from more experienced Sharing Wheels volunteers.

Low-income people, DIY-tinkerers, and basic bike geeks benefit from our open, community shop policy.

Low-Cost Bike Sales & Repairs

Bike sales and repairs are the main source of income for Sharing Wheels. Sharing Wheels also has used parts and some new parts for sale. Donated bikes are fixed as needed to ensure safe functioning. High-end bikes may be sold on Craigslist. Used bikes provide transportation and recreation that is affordable and sustainable. 95 bikes sold in 2014

Christmas House

Each fall, Sharing Wheels contributes refurbished children’s bicycles to another non-profit, Christmas House. In 2014 we gave 105 children’s bicycles to low income families.

This program needs:

  • Volunteers – Fall Work Parties every Wednesday night starting Sept. 16
  • Cash donations for replacement parts

Thanks to volunteers, 103 kids bikes were refurbished for Christmas House in 2014.

Kids Bike Swap

Once a year in June kids have the opportunity to trade in that bike they have outgrown and get a bike that fits them. Kids donate their old bike and receive a voucher for the value to be redeemed towards another bike Sharing Wheels volunteers have refurbished.

Hundreds of dollars of new parts and many volunteer hours go into preparing bikes for the swap.  100+ bikes traded-in and 75 bikes out in 2014.

Mechanics Classes

Sharing Wheels offers bike classes for a small fee that supports the shop. The goal is to give people the skills to work on their own bikes – as well as to train future volunteers who can help in the shop.

We have both a basic bike mechanics and an advanced class. Classes are for adults, age 18 and up.

The next classes will be scheduled in Winter 2016.

Work for Wheels – Repairs Only

Low income adults can get bicycle repairs done by committing volunteer hours in exchange for repairs completed. Work tasks range from sweeping the shop, sorting parts, or helping load bicycles into customer vehicles.

Village Bicycle Project

Some bikes that would never sell here or take too much work to fix still have value as transportation in other countries.

About once a year Sharing Wheels donates excess bicycles to the Village Bike Project, which sends bikes to Africa. 30 bikes were donated in 2014.

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